To whom it may concern:

Jonathan was project manager when I had my home painted this last October, 2012. He was very helpful in planning the coloring plan after I picked by colors. Also he directed the crew working very well throughout the job. He was very easy to work with and would use him as a painter again in the future.


Rebecca Smilovitz

December 25, 2012

I contracted a painting company to paint the exterior of my house. Jonathan arrived at my residence that morning. He introduced himself as the Supervisor in charge of the project. I soon found out, besides being knowledgeable, Jonathan taught me how to look at colors to see how something so simple could make a big difference.

I needed help picking the colors since the house was going to be put on the market. We drove around the neighborhood looking at the most updated and popular colors that would give the house curb appeal. He pointed out how the most eye catching homes were done in different finishes but similar colors that give the house dimension. The next step was picking the cement stain color. Jonathan gave me three choices that would look best with the new house colors. He explained that the entire surrounding area has to be taken into consideration, the grass; brick and landscaping all have colors of their own.

I had a small structural change made as well. I had the outdated, exposed beams trimmed back. Before Jonathan proceeded with the alteration we discussed what I intended the finished look to be. The other beams were cut in a slight angle and I wanted the alteration to look as if the house were designed that way when it was first built. Jonathan pulled it off. The beams were perfectly cut to match the existing beams that have been there for years.

This wasn’t just a painting project, this was a beatification project. Jonathan has an incredible artistic talent that goes beyond “just a job”. This was a learning experience for me as well. When the job was done, I was very pleased with the results and the fact that I knew I had made the right decisions.

Linda Francic