Futura's Builders & ArtMy name is Jon Bermudez. I know that every home improvement project is in need of a special care from the start towards a finish goal. I know that it takes a team to accomplish all projects from administration, managerial to onsite supervision and on-hand work.

I stand by the name Futuras as a team. Taking pride to our group work dynamics, we work like a single unit of machinery or a beast of a team just like in the big league, like Giants. Our team function is to compliment each other in achieving a specific goal, our customer’s satisfaction.

The companies I’d worked for in the past lack the term Quality or Team or Experience. We don’t just hire or recruit a new member and teach them a 1-2-3 step and “go get ‘em tiger?” attitude.

We take great pride and time on working and training each personnel and staff member to deliver what is expected of a professional painter. We invest on our “Team” as we invest on the highest standards for customer’s service to be able to provide what is needed.

The word family is a trust
Of action with the Faith or Belief.
And Power to progress.